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How to Win Over Gen-Z in the Workforce

How to Win Over Gen-Z in the Workforce

Tips for Winning Over Gen Z in the Workplace

As the years go by, new generations emerge. You might already be familiar with the terms Pre-Boomer, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, and now, Gen Z. Among these many generations, Gen Z is often compared to its predecessors. But why?

What is Gen Z?

Generation Z, commonly known as Gen Z, includes people born between 1997 and 2012. Currently, Gen Z is aged 13 to 28, meaning the oldest members of this generation are starting to enter the workforce. This generation grew up in the digital age, which is why they are more tech-savvy and have a different perspective on the workplace. It is crucial for companies to pay attention to certain aspects to effectively manage employees from this generation. To ensure the company can nurture each employee and achieve good work outcomes, here are some tips for winning over Gen Z in the workplace.

Characteristics of Gen Z

An important aspect companies need to consider is understanding the characteristics of this generation. Did you know? Gen Z, born in an era of rapid technological advancement, is also known as the internet generation. This has made Gen Z creative, tech-savvy, independent, expressive, and adaptable to change. According to research by McKinsey and Box 1824, this generation is known as digital natives, open-minded, dialogue-oriented, and avoids confrontation. With proper guidance, they can become valuable talents in any company.

However, many companies currently struggle to align with Gen Z in the workplace. Therefore, companies need a special approach to welcome Gen Z into the real working world. Here are steps companies can take to prepare for welcoming Gen Z.

3 Tips for Winning Over Gen Z in the Workplace

1 Embrace Technology :- Born in the digital era, Gen Z is very comfortable using advanced devices and innovative applications. They greatly appreciate collaboration and flexibility supported by digital collaboration tools. This generation also has a strong desire to keep learning. By embracing technology, companies can attract and retain Gen Z talent while enhancing productivity and innovation.

2 Support Career Growth :- Supporting the career growth of Gen Z in the workplace requires a different approach, given that this generation has different expectations and needs compared to previous ones. According to Thomas, Gen Z is less concerned with titles and more with opportunities for development. This generation demands transparency regarding career growth. Companies can meet this need by offering training and development opportunities such as training programs, workshops, or certifications to improve their skills.

3 Encourage Innovation and Creativity :- True to their characteristics, Gen Z is highly creative and tends to enjoy innovation and finding new ways to solve problems. Therefore, Gen Z looks for companies that can foster creativity and provide space for their new ideas.

To win over Gen Z in the workplace, companies must adapt by embracing technology, creating a flexible work environment, and providing opportunities for skill development that Gen Z needs in today’s workforce.

How about it, OJs? Ready to implement these tips to win the hearts of Gen Z in your company?