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5 Essential Soft Skills for Moms Pursuing a Work-From-Home Career

5 Essential Soft Skills for Moms Pursuing a Work-From-Home Career

Every adult woman will at some point face a confusing situation such as choosing to be a career woman or a stay-at-home mom. Both roles have their advantages and challenges, and many times women also have to make the difficult choice of which path they want to take.

OJs, you must not be wondering anymore if you hear the debate about the content of women’s thoughts about choosing a career or being a housewife. Because the fact is that there are a lot of educated women out there who have brilliant careers, and even compensate for the fields of work that are generally occupied by men.

There is nothing wrong with whatever they choose to be, be it a career woman or a stay-at-home mom. All of this is returned to each person who lives it, as well as the results of an agreement with a partner or family because this is a personal decision.

But currently, many companies open vacancies to work WFH (Work From Home) or work online from home. Of course, mothers must master several soft skills before choosing to have a career from home.

Here are 5 (five) soft skills that moms need to be capable of mastering to work from home:

Communication Skills :- Effective communication plays an important role in the virtual work context. Differently from face-to-face communication, communicating virtually via email, video call or instant messaging has different dynamics. We need to understand the etiquette of virtual communication, including the use of clear and polite language. This is why communication skills are essential to maintain communication with coworkers. Practicing communication will be essential to minimize misunderstandings when having discussions while working from home.

Time Management :- Time management skills are very important when working from home. If you can manage your time effectively by creating a structured work and rest schedule, completing household tasks, and adhering to a set schedule, this will support your productivity and provide convenience for your coworkers.

Problem-Solving Ability :- When having problems in the office, we can usually easily contact the person we need directly to consult. However, when working from home, this becomes more difficult as we cannot force our coworkers to get directly involved in the problem at hand. Working from home often presents many distractions, especially for a mom who also has to find solutions to problems on her own. This indirectly affects the way a mom deals with problems and stays focused amidst the distractions at home.

Teamwork :- Even when working remotely, teamwork is still important. Mothers need to be able to collaborate with diverse team members, share ideas, and solve problems together. To improve teamwork skills, moms can actively participate in collaborative projects, attend teamwork training, and build strong relationships with coworkers.

Independence :- As remote workers, moms also have full responsibility for work without direct supervision. Therefore, independence is a crucial trait. To improve this skill, it’s important to set detailed goals, develop a structured daily schedule, and keep practicing to maintain a high level of motivation.

Well, especially for moms and moms-to-be, hopefully, this article can help you make your choice… To have more skills, you can also join learning classes at Orbit Skills Center. Let’s join and succeed with Orbit!