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5 Small Steps to Build Personal Branding to Land Your Dream Job!

What comes to mind when you first hear the term “Personal Branding”? Do you think that the concept of personal branding is just a platform for showing off, being fake, and full of pretension? If so, that mindset might be.
Date12 Jun 2024

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Introducing Yourself in a Job Interview!

Are there any OJs out there who are preparing for a job interview? Every job seeker must have felt nervous, confused, and even worried when they want to do a job interview. A job interview is a crucial moment on.
Date12 Jun 2024

5 Essential Soft Skills for Moms Pursuing a Work-From-Home Career

Every adult woman will at some point face a confusing situation such as choosing to be a career woman or a stay-at-home mom. Both roles have their advantages and challenges, and many times women also have to make the difficult.
Date12 Jun 2024

Is It Normal to Feel Bored at Work? What Are the Solutions?

Feeling bored at work is something that almost everyone experiences at some point in their career. This feeling is often characterized by boredom, a lack of motivation, and a loss of enthusiasm for work that was previously considered interesting. But,.
Date12 Jun 2024

Education or Career, Which to Prioritize?

When faced with the choice of pursuing an education or a career, many people feel indecisive about their future. It is undeniable that these are two important pillars in one's life journey. Often people think that getting an education is.
Date12 Jun 2024