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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Introducing Yourself in a Job Interview!

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Introducing Yourself in a Job Interview!

Are there any OJs out there who are preparing for a job interview? Every job seeker must have felt nervous, confused, and even worried when they want to do a job interview. A job interview is a crucial moment on the road to a dream career. When we entered the interview room, it was not only our qualifications and experience that were put to the test, but also our ability to communicate effectively and convincingly. One of the most crucial moments in an interview is when you are asked to introduce yourself. As simple as it may sound, this self-introduction can be the stepping stone or the stumbling block that sets the tone for your interview.

Dear OJs, when you are confronted with the question to introduce yourself, don’t take it lightly. This is not only an opportunity to say who you are, but also to highlight your values and how you can make a positive contribution to the company you are applying for. However, there are common mistakes that job seekers often make when doing self-introductions in interviews. 

Here are 3 (three) mistakes that often happen during self-introduction:

Not Introducing Yourself According to the Position Applied for :- When you introduce yourself, make sure to highlight skills and experience that are relevant to the position you are applying for. This is important because the HRD may be interested in asking further questions about your qualifications based on this introduction.

Examples of answers that you can answer:
“Greetings sir/madam, I am (…) a bachelor of communication science, during my studies, i was very interested in the field of communication, i once had a professional experience of internship at (…) in the marketing department, during the internship i was assigned to create promotional content for the company so that made me quite master some of the skills that a marketer needs.”

Repeating Sentences from your CV :- Self-introductions are not just about repeating the information listed in your CV. You can use this introduction to provide a more thoughtful explanation of your values and strengths to draw the hiring manager’s attention to your qualities and advantages.

Examples of answers that you can answer:
“Greetings sir/madam, I am (…) an advertising graduate, during my lectures I attended a lot of training on digital marketing, so this training increased my knowledge of digital marketing and how to market products so that they can be conveyed directly to the audience.”

Lack of Body Language :- Research says, many people may assume that the use of body language in a job interview indicates that someone is nervous. Body language is one of the most important aspects of a job interview that often does not get enough attention. While the interviewer may focus more on your verbal answers, your body language also provides a lot of information about your personality, confidence, and readiness for the position you are applying for.

Confident body language, such as an upright posture and steady eye contact, can make a positive impression on the interviewer. It shows that you are confident in your qualifications and experience, and are ready to face the challenges that the workplace may present.

OJs, now you know that by using the common mistakes mentioned above, you can increase your chances of success in winning over your interviewers and landing your dream job. Improve your communication skills by joining our Job Readiness program at Orbit Skills Center!