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The Inability of Young People to Find Employment, What Are the Root Causes?

The Inability of Young People to Find Employment, What Are the Root Causes?

Fellow readers surely understand that finding a job nowadays isn’t easy. Job hunting can be a significant challenge for many young people today. Many feel frustrated and hopeless when they can’t find a job that matches their expectations and qualifications. However, the question is, who is actually at fault in this situation?

Let’s look at the following article; so that we can understand the obstacles and figure out how to overcome them; and use that to get a job.

One of the main factors that often causes difficulty for young people in finding jobs is the strict regulations imposed by companies. Many companies have high requirements and select candidates based on work experience or specific qualifications. This often makes it challenging for young people who have just graduated from school or university to compete with other candidates who have more work experience.

Furthermore, some companies prioritize candidates with extensive and longer work experience as they are considered more stable and reliable. This makes it difficult for young people without work experience to compete.

However, not all the blame lies with the companies. Some young people may also have a less-than-ideal mindset when it comes to job hunting. They might lack strong interpersonal skills or struggle to adapt to new work environments. Additionally, some young individuals may not adequately prepare themselves for job interviews or lack a strong portfolio to showcase their abilities to potential employers.

If the job search process takes a long time without satisfactory results, some young people may start to feel desperate, and negative thoughts about their ability to get a job may arise. This can affect their mental health and lead to issues such as anxiety and depression.

Overall, the mental state of young people in job searching can go through various phases influenced by different factors. They need to manage stress, maintain mental health, and stay motivated when facing challenges throughout the process. Getting the right social support and resources can also help them navigate tough times and achieve their job search goals.

In this case, young people need to improve their mindset and skills in job hunting. They need to prepare themselves well, both in terms of technical and soft skills, and expand their network by meeting people in the industries they are interested in.

On the other hand, companies also need to be more open to younger applicants and provide them with fair opportunities to prove themselves. They can consider offering training or internship programs to young individuals with the potential to develop their skills and become valuable employees in the future.

So, who is actually to blame for the difficulties young people face in finding jobs? The answer may be complex and can vary depending on specific situations. However, through cooperation between young people and companies, it’s hoped that the challenges in finding employment can be overcome and job opportunities can be made available to everyone.