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Education or Career, Which to Prioritize?

Education or Career, Which to Prioritize?

When faced with the choice of pursuing an education or a career, many people feel indecisive about their future. It is undeniable that these are two important pillars in one’s life journey. Often people think that getting an education is only to prove that someone is successful in the academic world, but not in the world of work. On the other hand, work experience can also help to have a career path in the future. However, it is debatable which of these two aspects is more important, and which one should be your priority in life?

Well, OJ’s… To answer that question, let’s take a look at the following article!

The Value of Education as a Foundation

OJ’s needs to know, that education is an important foundation in one’s journey towards a dream career. Because through education, one can learn and develop critical thinking skills, communication skills, and an understanding of ethics and morality.

As reported by FlexJobs, according to a 2017 Harvard Business School study, between 2007 and 2010, job postings that listed a bachelor’s degree as a job requirement increased by 10%. That means job seekers trust people with “degrees” more, as they believe they are more capable and better prepared than people without degrees. But on the other hand, employers also recognize that a degree cannot guarantee that someone will be better at their job.

Career as Application

If education is the foundation of a person towards their career, then a career is the result of the application of education for a more professional context. This is because it is through this career that one can earn an income, and achieve professional goals. For this reason, a successful career often requires education as well as professional work experience.

According to Investopedia, people with work experience are likely to be seen by recruiters as people who can work quickly. That’s why some people choose to focus more on their careers, rather than education, which is considered less important to prioritize.

Between Education and Career

For some people, education is an important start to a career. However, some people prefer to focus on their future career.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with either choice, because the most important thing is the alignment between education and career with each person’s personal goals and interests.

So, why should we choose between the two, if combining the two can be the right solution. For example, OJs can work while continuing their studies at night through distance education programs. For example, Orbit Future academy offers a wide range of programs to effectively combine education with career. Visit our Instagram at @orbitfutureacademy for more information on the various programs offered. OJs, let’s balance your future with Orbit!